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Dried Pluots Flavor Grenade

Dried Pluots Flavor Grenade

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Our Flavor Grenade Dried Pluots are a flavor-packed treat! Pluots are a happy hybrid of plums (yes, prunes) and apricots, giving you the best qualities of both fruits. They’re sweeter than dried plums or apricots and have a texture similar to our Dried Apricots, They’ve been around for several years now and if you haven’t tried them, we think it’s time! Naturally fat-free and GMO-free, they’re a source of potassium, vitamins A and C, dietary fiber, and protein. They can be good for digestive system regulation, heart health, eye health and endocrine health. Try them on their own, chop and toss a good handful into a Moroccan-inspired carrot and chickpea salad or try them in recipes where you’d use Dried Apricots or Prunes. Yum!

Allergen Statement: Packaged in a facility that packs tree nuts and dairy products.

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