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Dried White Nectarines

Dried White Nectarines

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Sustainably grown in orchards that have been in our family since 1943, our Dried White Nectarines are our prized Arctic Queen variety. They’re super plump and sweet with just the right amount of tanginess and very enjoyable texture.

Growing our perfect Arctic Queens requires a great deal of personal attention. It takes about 8 years of loving care before we consider the fruits to be ready for your enjoyment.  The quality and flavor of these Nectarines only grows better with time. A tremendous amount of work goes into growing this fruit, which is meticulously thinned by hand, carefully selected and hand-harvested throughout each growing season, then sun dried to perfection.

Enjoy these ultra-flavorful fruits with any meal of the day, as a healthful snack, or experiment with them in a savory dinner recipe.

Allergen Statement: Packaged in a facility that packs tree nuts and dairy products.

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